To lead messaging and streaming into the cloud-native era!
In ten years of rapid growth in mobile internet and cloud computing at Alibaba, our team has successfully met various infrastructure challenges. Recognizing the inadequacy of traditional messaging and streaming storage architectures for fast-evolving tech needs, we are committed to redesigning this pivotal area based on the cloud to unlock endless cloud infrastructure potential.
Our mission is not only to drive technological innovation, but more importantly, to explore limitless business development opportunities with our partners and customers. We are convinced that by spearheading a cloud-native revolution in messaging and streaming storage, we will forge a more intelligent, reliable and efficient digital future for businesses.
Xiaorui Wang
AutoMQ Co-founder & CEO
Xiaorui Wang is the author of the open-source project Apache RocketMQ and Chairman of PMC. He previously served as the head of the Alibaba Messaging Middleware team.
Wensong Zhang
AutoMQ Co-founder & CSO
Wensong Zhang is the founder of the open-source software project LVS. He has served as the operating partner of Hillhouse Group, Senior Vice President at DiDi, CTO of Alibaba Cloud.
Xinyu Zhou
AutoMQ Co-founder & CTO
Xinyu Zhou is  Apache Software Foundation Member,
Co-founder and PMC Member of Apache RocketMQ. Formerly worked as an architect for Alibaba Cloud Message Queue.

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