AutoMQ Cloud
Fully managed service in your cloud or ours, Self-balancing,
Auto-Scaling, saving 50% cloud bills.
Core Capabilities
Enterprise Disaster Recovery
Multi-AZ/Multi-Region/Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery
Multi-AZ DR
Supports quick disaster recovery switching across AZs based on Regional EBS and multi-attach.
Multi-Region and Multi-Cloud DR
Supports cross-cloud and cross-region data replication, enabling minute-level rapid cluster rebuilding and disaster switching.
With AutoMQ Cloud, saving over 50% cloud bills
Object storage first
Uses object storage instead of local disks, pay as you go and only for useage, reducing costs to as low as one-tenth.
Spot instance
AutoMQ's storage-compute separation and stateless design enable the use of Spot instances, further reducing computing costs.
Auto-Scaling, minimize idling
Supports strategies like cron and target tracking for effective management of cyclical and unexpected workload fluctuations, ensuring optimal use of cluster resources.
Multi-cloud native arch, one-click deployment to major public cloud and private clouds
Multi-Cloud arch
AutoMQ, dependent solely on object and block storage, enables seamless one-click deployment to leading cloud providers and storage stacks like Ceph, MinIO, and CubeFS.
Support Hybrid-Cloud
Supports hybrid management of multiple public clouds and datacenters, incrementally deploying new business to the public cloud, while existing business remains on private cloud.
Seamless Migration
100% compatible with Apache Kafka, Ready-to-use migration tools
100% compatible with Apache Kafka
AutoMQ is fully compatible with Apache Kafka, enabling smooth migration without code changes.
Ready-to-use migration tools
Ready-to-use migration tool, with migration plans that support phased rollout and rollback, ensuring no application damage.
Integration & DevOps Automation
Ready-to-use DevOps Automation and Integration tools
Prometheus Intergation
Support metrics integration with Prometheus and Grafana.
Kafka Connect
100% compatible with Kafka Connect, connects with over 100 data ecosystems.
DevOps Automation
Support Terraform,K8s, Kafka Admin CLI/API and REST APIs.


Billing Items
  • AKU(AutoMQ Kafka Unit): Pay for AutoMQ software services. Billing based on the peak throughput by each instance. Each 1AKU supports the following capabilities.
    BytesIn/BytesOut:      20MiB/s
    Requests:                  800 count/s
    Partitions:                   1125
  • EC2 and S3: Pay for cloud resources to cloud provider.
Billing Cycles
  • Billed by hour.
Billing Items
  • AKU(AutoMQ Kafka Unit): AKU are units of horizontal scaling  for instances in AutoMQ cloud that provide allocated resources. Each 1AKU supports the following capabilities.
    BytesIn/BytesOut:     20MiB/s
    Requests:                  800 count/s
    Partitions:                  1125
  • Storage: AutoMQ Cloud charges for the total data stored on a given AutoMQ instance.
  • Ingress and egress: AutoMQ Cloud charges you for all data transfers, including requests for produce and consume and every other type of incoming or outgoing request.
Billing Cycles
  • Billed by hour, pay-as-you-go.

Feature Comparison

Capability Item
Apache Kafka
AutoMQ Cloud
Fully-Managed service for enterprise
Cloud-Native Architecture
Second-level Partition Reassignment
Minute-level Smooth Scaling
100% Compatible with Apache Kafka
Self-balancing of Data
Traffic Throughput Based Scheduling
Request Call Pressure Based Scheduling
Automatic Identification of Cold Data Reads
Automatic Detection of Slow Nodes
Disaster Recovery
Server Auto-Healing on Crash
Active Self-Healing on Node Hang
Multi-AZ Resilience
Object Storage Resilience
Block Storage Resilience
Multi-Cloud Resilience
Elasticity & Cost Optimization
Storage Elasticity
Traffic-Driven Elastic Scaling
Support for Multiple EBS & Multiple WAL
Support for Multi-Cluster Multi-Bucket Read/Write
Multi-Metric Elasticity
Scheduled Elastic Scaling
Large-Scale Spot Instances
GUI-Based Management
Cluster Reassignment Tool
Web Console
JMX Metrics
OTLP Integration
Grafana Dashboard
Monitoring Alerts
Audit Logs
Kafka Connect
SSO/LDAP/AD Integration
DevOps Automation
Kafka Admin API/CLI
Supported Cloud Providers
Google Cloud Platform
Supported Storage Technology Stack
Software Artifact
Cloud Machine Image
Expert Services
Support Channels
Help from community
Enterprise work order
Dedicated Support
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