The Most Insightful AIOps Assistant for Apache RocketMQ


Direct operation and maintenance Apache RocketMQ
Using RocketMQ Copilot assisted operation and maintenance
Manual inspection
Relying on personal experience
Tedious and prone to omissions
Built-in periodic inspections, problem detection in 1 minute Leveraging 100+ experts' experience and white papers Standardized risk governance process to avoid omissions
No proactive measure, passive emergency response
Risk alerts, early detection
Reliance on personal experience
Difficult and incomplete data collection
Difficulty in reproducing past issues
Built-in diagnostic templates
One-click collection of all metrics, traces, and events data
Flashback querying to pinpoint historical incidents
Lack of experience in stability measurement
Local monitoring unable to cover end-to-end links
Scattered and excessive alarm notifications
Consolidation of 12 core SLI metrics
Non-intrusive end-to-end metric detection and collection
SLO-based alarms for clearer and fatigue-free notifications
Difficult evaluation of capacity for different machine types
Lack of early water level warnings leading to urgent capacity expansion pressure
Automatic recommendation of capacity baselines based on machine types
Built-in water level prediction and alarms for proactive and smoother operations

Panoramic overview

Provides 360-degree analysis of cluster risks and features, identifies anomalies, narrows troubleshooting scope, and supports operational decisions with data.
Automatic risk identification, straightforward troubleshooting
Auto-detects and sorts anomalies like traffic hotspots, read/write issues, and backlog in Brokers, Topics, and ConsumerGroups, for easy problem identification.
Risk cluster distribution
Risk cluster distribution
Distribution of SLO compliance status
System inspection risk distribution
Consolidate cluster features for clear operational decisions
RocketMQ Copilot consolidates cluster data like message size, version distribution, traffic, and consumption time for informed, straightforward operational decisions
Consumption accumulation top5 group
Message production TPS top5 topic

System Inspection

Decades of expertise led to hundreds of system checks and risk management solutions, addressing challenges in parameter tuning, deep risk detection and governance.
100+ inspection rules, covering comprehensive detection
10 years of experience led to 100+ custom system checks for Apache RocketMQ, covering risks beyond regular monitoring like parameter tuning and internal status checks.
Systematic risk grading, orderly risk management
Smartly attributes and grades inspection risks, allowing users to manage risks by priority and root cause, ending disordered risk management.
Expert advice for fundamental risk elimination
Offers effective solutions for different risks, helping users eliminate risks at the root and prevent recurrence.

Expert diagnosis

One-click diagnostic templates enable quick and easy pinpointing of past anomalies.
Built-in diagnostic templates for efficient self-determination of root causes
RocketMQ Copilot provides diagnostic templates for common issues like message backlog and un-consumption. A click identifies the root cause, easing troubleshooting and reducing emergency response time.
Flashback query to lock down problem scene
RocketMQ Copilot retains historical inspection anomaly information, making it easy to recreate the scene of occasional and difficult-to-reproduce problems.


Measure cluster stability digitally with SLI metrics, manage SLO, and handle ineffective alerts and alarm fatigue.
Built-in probes for end-to-end stability observation from an application perspective
Designed 12 E2E probes for RocketMQ, including message production success rate and RT, to detect any cluster abnormalities from an application's perspective.
Aim for SLO alerts, eliminate alarm fatigue
Aim for SLO alerts, support continuous and cumulative amount triggers, filter out invalid and scattered alarms to prevent alarm fatigue.

Capacity Planning

Automatically evaluates cluster performance baseline; intelligently predicts future water level usage and gives early warnings, calmly handling large-scale expansion and contraction.
Intelligently evaluate performance baselines and confirm the upper limit of cluster capacity
Automatically derive the cluster baseline based on machine specs and historical operation, guiding the capacity limit of the business cluster.
Predict usage in advance, calmly handle resource planning and expansion operations
Built-in predictive algorithm forecasts the usage for the next 30 days and sends alert notification 7 days in advance to prepare for resource scaling.

Lightweight and non-intrusive

Platform-agnostic, lightweight, non-intrusive deployment with no internet or external dependencies, seamlessly integrates with existing RocketMQ clusters.
Supports cross-platform installation and deployment on various architectures (x86, ARM, domestic CPUs) and OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS).
Lightweight design
Run offline on a single 2c4G machine without internet or external service dependencies.
Non-intrusive to existing clusters.
Non-intrusive to existing RocketMQ clusters, compatible without any modifications.

Get started

Personal version
Testing for individual developers
Free forever
Supports 1 installation copy
Supports 1 cluster group
Supports 2 clusters
Storage duration up to 3 days
Expert diagnosis
System inspection
Risk governance
SLI market
SLO management
Standard Edition
Production environment for small and medium-sized enterprises
50% off
12000 CNY/Year
Includes all features of personal version
Supports 5 installation copies
Supports 10 clusters
Customize storage duration
Event audit
Risk + SLO Alert
Multi-user management
RBAC certification
Enterprise ticket support
Enterprise Edition
In-depth customization and services for very large enterprises
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Includes all features of standard version
Supports 50 installation copies
Supports 50 cluster groups
Supports 100 clusters
SSO login integration
Events + Metrics integration
Cluster performance tuning
One-on-one expert support
Product access consultation
Enterprise Architecture Risk Consulting